Landing Page Design:

So I’m working with a team of friends on a new idea we think is going to be the best thing to hit Nigeria since sliced bread (shoprite bread??).

It’s a web app called and it will link people together on blind dates. The whole point is to make dating fun, secure and a little less superficial by matching people based on interests and what they need in a partner rather than on looks.

Hmmm… does this sound like the anti-Tinder?

Anyways, before going into full development, we’ve decided to validate the concept with a landing page which announces the app and asks people to sign up to a waiting list if interested.

The aim is to send traffic to the site and if we get a certain number of hits and a certain percentage of those hits are interested enough in dropping their email addresses, then we know we’re on to something.

Here’s the first section of the two-section design:

Screenshot 2016-07-15 18.24.43.png

I went for a purple feel because purple is associated with luxury, chocolates, night time and is a sensual but unisex colour. The logo design was inspired by the masks people wear at masquerade balls. I was hoping to evoke a sense of mystery and excitement and even a hint of the forbidden which is always fun.

Above the fold, I wanted the message to be clear. There’s only one thing to do. Enter your email if you’re interested in being part of the waiting list. The button color is also intended to contrast with the purple scheme.

For the second section, I wanted to maintain a clean look with lots of white space and also pick the color of the CTA (Call To Action) button of the previous section as an accent color in this section.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 18.24.52

In addition, I wanted to describe the three main values we offer to our target demo of busy professionals which is being convenient and easy to use, being fun and being safe and anonymous.

For now the page is hosted on my firebase at but it should be up in a bit at where the app itself will reside when we’re done.

It’s exciting times for me to be working on an actual product that is going to be released to the general public soon. Wow. I just thought that out loud to myself. Oh well, back to coding…

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