Productivity Picks of The Moment 1.0

So, I’ve decided that every so often I’ll rave about the productivity apps that I’m finding useful in my coding workflow or even in my life in general.

The pick of the moment are these two awesome apps that are two sides of the same coin and complement each other perfectly.

The first is Boom 2 for Mac and iOS. I am a lover of music. Any music, any singer, any genre so long as my ears find it pleasant and my soul agrees with the story in the song.

I’ve got a pair of Audio Techinca ATH-M30x’s and they are great to listen to music or ambient sounds (more on this later) while I work. The ATH Mxx series is already a great choice for music aficionados like me who understand that bass isn’t everything (yes, I consider myself a budding audiophile). They’re clear on the mid ranges and sufficient on the bass – even if they’re tuned a bit flat. What the Boom 2 app does is take the sound quality of the headphones and dial it up to 220.

It takes over the Mac’s sound system and recalibrates it, giving you a wider range of presets and equalizer options. Seriously, you need to try it to understand. The sound experience is much richer and fuller. I usually have my Apple Music set to 90% and the system volume set to 75%. With Boom 2, I can hardly go above 50% system volume. Feeling my Audio Technicas, which are not built for bass, actually vibrate around my ears is a fantastic feeling.

The second app is the Noizio app. It’s an ambient noise app which is great for washing out distracting noises. What I like most about Noizio is that you can preset mixes depending on your mood. Say you want the ambient sounds of a farm on a windy day – A farm that’s right by the seaside too. Done. Another day you may want the sounds of a coffee shop with a fire crackling in the corner. Done and done. Save the mixes and you can switch back and forth between your favorite sounds. The sounds range from farm noises, to October rain, to night time sounds, to deep space.

Ambient sounds are great for me because I tend to sing along with songs a lot which can be distracting for tasks requiring my full attention. Ambient sounds give me the benefit of drowning out the noise in my immediate environment while being undistracted by music or lyrics.

Combine Boom 2’s sound boost with the Noizio app’s ambient sound and who needs noise cancellation?

Those are my two picks productivity picks of the moment. I’ll be raving about more tools as I discover them in upcoming posts.


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