Productivity Picks Of The Moment 2.0

Time for another productivity pick of the moment!

Honestly there’s been so much to choose from. I just discovered WebStorm IDE (“A-maaziiing!” *in Oprah’s voice*), Ulysses notepad is still blowing my mind and Boom 2 is just perfect for an audiophile like me. I’ve really been on a downloading and testing spree to find what really, really works for me and my personal “cyberspace”

Today though, I’ll be talking about two tools called “Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper and Color Picker” and “Refresh Monkey” – both of them are Chrome extensions (if you’re in web dev and not using Chrome extensively, I have no words for you).

Refresh Monkey is an amazing Chrome extension that refreshes any page at set intervals. It’s great for mini web dev work/testing where you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a gulp or other auto browser-sync workflow, but need to refresh the page regularly to view changes and what not. You can select it for multiple pages or for just one page and each page can be set to it’s own unique timer running independently of the rest. It’s really cool but a bit redundant for me since I started using WebStorm IDE (I’ll have a post on using WebStorm as soon as I’ve used it for a while).

The other is by far my favourite of the moment and sooo useful. Say you’re on a website and maybe you want to copy said website or maybe you want to have a deeper understanding of the layout choices the designers made, well, enter Gridify (called “Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper and Color Picker” on the Chrome store) a fully customizable grid, ruler, color picker tool that does just what is says.

Need to measure the display or some element, boom – ruler tool. Need to place guides across a website? – boom! Set up horizontal, vertical or both guides and drag ’em, slide ’em and add as many as you want. Need a grid on the screen every 60px or 100px or 150px? great – select it! Need to see what colour that font is? Sure thing, just pick the eye dropper tool and you’re good to go.

This 89kb tool is like the Swiss Army knife of web design allowing me to immediately pick apart a website to the pixel rather than depending on eyeballing it. Life before it was like trying to open those old-timey cans of sardines without the key… doable, but who really wants to live like that.

Do check out these tools on the Chrome store and give them a spin. Let me know what you think in the comments, and also, if there are any other chrome extensions you find useful in your workflow and would like to share.

Till next time… and like always… keep coding!

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