The “Clone-A-Week” Challenge

So it’s been a fruitful couple of days, I’ve been able to stay close to my videos and books on programming and most importantly, my text editor, for the past few days despite a busy schedule. These days it is only code and work… some female company *wink* *wink* and back to code again.

So I came up with a concept I think will improve my skill (Front end dev) while giving me live portfolio pieces to show off. I call it the “Clone-A-Week” pledge.

Basically, I pledge to clone one complete web page each week. I’ll look up a live site I want to replicate and code the design from scratch and then host it. Simple.

This week I picked the landing page from – yours truly – Truppr (where I work as Programme Director, didn’t I mention that?). The original page is live here.

And my clone is live here:

I’ll write a blog post about free hosting for projects with Firebase. It was easier than I thought and after a small hiccup or two I was on my way.

All in all, from start to finish took me about 8 man-hours across two days. First day was the set-up (I also need to do a post about a great workflow I learnt from Travis Neilsen over at DevTips on YouTube). I also finished up the header on the first day. Day two was spent coding the main content and making the whole thing mobile responsive, reading up on free hosting and getting the site live.

So please feel free to visit both and tell me what you think. I’m especially curious to hear your thoughts about my choice of design for the mobile sites as I changed things up a bit there (check the footer section of the site too for some changes with my version). All in all I am happy with the work and feel inspired to do more challenging stuff.

Till next week!

The Waka Begins

The act of locomotion using one’s feet. To walk.

 “The guy dey waka come”.

synonyms: walk, stroll, saunter, amble;



An epic outing.

“Our waka last night ehn – Epic”.


The act of traveling from one place to another. An epic journey. A journey worth telling with many unknown stops along the way.

“Our waka to today no get part two, from island to mainland and back again, make I gist you”.

In common Nigerian parlance, to “waka” is to walk. Usually, it’s not just a walk of a few steps or a kilometer, it generally has more to it. To waka is to go up and down, in and out, oftentimes in search of something with a location or description you don’t even know.

This blog documents my waka from a degree in law, to starting my own business (two failed businesses), getting a job as a graphic designer, moving elsewhere as head of media and marketing, getting promoted to head of operations, moving elsewhere to serve as a community manager and getting promoted to programme director.

All through this, one thing that’s remained constant is my love for tech. The thought that we can change the world around us, far and near, using computers, the internet, code and all is a fire that has burned in my mind for the longest time. From creating web pages using Microsoft Frontpage with my childhood best friend, I have always been enthralled by computers and the leverage they provide in bringing ideas to life.

Now, I am on a journey to become a self-taught programmer. My language of first choice is Javascript and I am about 6 months into this journey. (With some background knowledge of HTML/CSS)

But this blog isn’t just about the technical stuff. It’s about the life stuff. The entire waka. How did I end up here? Where am I going? What forces are at play in this industry? What’s my favourite poison for getting my caffeine fix? (Answer: I have none – I stay caffeine free). It’s about everything.

Tutorials, essays, updates. I want to bare it all. Maybe I can inspire some other person who is coming here through the same roundabout journey. Maybe I can entertain others. Here I am. In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson – “Come with me…”